The Bike

ImageWhen the Captain first went looking for a tandem he owned a bike shop. This did not make things any easier because the bike brands we sold didn’t make a tandem. And, as happy as we were for others to be successful, we didn’t want to give away free advertising to the competition by riding their brand of bike!

The Pegasus Duet II was designed by the guys at Beach Road Cycles in Melbourne and had everything we were after, including excellent value for money.  The value for money part kind of fell apart as soon as the bike was taken out of the box.

“It needs to be blinged up” said the Captain. Many dollars and hours later, the Pegasus became faster and lighter, geared more towards fast Sunday rides than slower touring trips.

Now, the bike has been restored back to its touring roots (more dollars and hours). It is set up (we hope!) for an extended trip with its original strong wheels and fatter tyres, mudguards, racks and six bottle cages. 

With two riders weighing between 60-70kg each, two sets of panniers and a tent, all weighing around 20kg, the Pegasus Duet II is about to undergo its first extended test of endurance. We expect it will do quite well. The question is…will we?

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