How to practice eating for a cycle tour

It is good to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a long cycle trip.

After a test ride a couple of weeks ago, loaded with all our gear, it became blatantly clear that this trip is not going to be easy, particularly the Tasmania portion with 1200 metres of climbing to do in the first two days. Since then, training has stepped up a notch and we have been trying to get out on the bike most days.

Visualisation is another important training tool. Apparently, imagining how your body and mind will feel at different points in the ride when it’s hot or tired or pushing up a darn big hill, and mentally preparing yourself for those moments is essential.

We have perfected our visualisation techniques.

Yesterday we joined a couple of friends for a sedate, cruisy roll around the countryside. The pace was gentle, the conversation humourous and the weather brilliant. Having touring gear on your bike means slow riding is acceptable, even required, after all, we need to practise slow riding for when we are carrying our 20 kilograms of luggage.

Just over halfway through this easy and pleasant ride we entered Richmond, a lovely historic town with a well known bakery. The visualisation kicked in and we started to feel drained from our ‘arduous’ ride, in need of fuel and rest.

Multiple coffees, sandwiches, savoury rolls and chocolate eclairs later, we peeled ourselves from the chairs in great difficulty and hoisted our now bloated bodies onto the bike.

Visualisation works great…

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