Is rice, is good

Tonight we had our second official go cooking on the Trangia. We thought we would try rice, veggies and Worcestshire or soy sauce for some flavour.

We didn’t take any photos because we deliberately went for a cycle first to build up a good hunger and were too hungry by the time we got home to care much about photo taking!

When we came home we collected the items we will be using while on tour and took them outside. No one was allowed to go inside to get any extra gear one has the luxury of when at home. This would be a test!

Our cooking gear consisted of the Trangia stove with its two bowls and frypan/lid, two plastic sporks, bread board (standard kitchen board because we still have to buy a thin, lightweight one), sharp knife and a plastic cup with 1 and 2 cup measurements.

The rice went on first. I brought it to the boil with the lid on, then let it cook for a couple of minutes until the main lot of water had been absorbed. Then I took the rice off the flame and put it aside while I cooked up the veggies.

Using our stainless steel bowl again as the wok, I sprayed it with cooking oil and placed the onion and potato into the bowl before I placed it on the flame. This was a lesson learned from last time! The onion and potato was chopped up quite small with the aim of quick and easy cooking.

After the potato and onion had cooked for a while, they started to stick to the bowl. We added some water, which helped with the sticking and the cooking of the spuds. By the end of the vegetable cooking we had used one extra cup of water, something we noted for future reference.

We did have to go inside for one extra utensil, so I guess we failed the test, technically. Both of us assumed our plastic sporks would be okay for stirring food while it is cooking. We were wrong…the spork melted when I was using it to mix around the potatoes and onion as they were sticking to the wok.

Once we realised what was happening, the spork was thrown out and we got the bamboo spatula/stirring thingy out of the kitchen drawer. Fortunately we had an extra spork that was given to us as a sample and the bamboo spatula we are now taking doesn’t weigh much!

The carrots went in next, then the celery. Our Trangia frypan/lid isn’t quite big enough to cover the ‘wok’, but it provided enough coverage that a bit of heat could be contained as the meal was cooking.

We served up the meal, half the rice in each Trangia bowl, then the veggies on top. A bit of Worcestshire Sauce was added and voila, another camp meal!

I think rice is better than instant mash, mostly because it hasn’t been tampered with as much before we buy it, and has more flavour on its own. The meal as a whole wasn’t that exciting, but it was nutritious. We decided that soy sauce would have been a better choice than Worcestshire, but figure that when we’re hungry, most things will taste good!

As we sat eating our ‘edible but definitely not gourmet’ dinner, we discussed dessert options. What can you cook in a Trangia that will be lightweight to carry and good for dessert when you need that bit extra? Does flour stick? Is it worth carrying flour?

If you have some suggestions we would love to hear them. As for our attempts, I think they will have to wait until we are living the deal!

Two weeks to go!

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