This is not a cooking blog…really

You may have started to think this is a blog about food. You are wrong. It’s just that we are so obsessed with our stomachs we can’t help but give a large consideration to this part of our upcoming cycle tour where we imagine we will be eating gloriously large amounts of delicious food without any of the normal negative consequences (or we will just get really fat and knowledgable about the food available in the towns we pass through).

So, to get away from food for once, I am going to talk about our gear.

In the last few days we have had to buy new wheels (the rear rim cracked in multiple spots for no particular reason…or maybe the Stoker’s food obsession is having more of an impact than she realises). Thankfully we were able to get a set of Chukkers, apparently strong rims with the right amount of spokes and what have you. If you want to know more, you have to ask a question in the comment section because the Stoker is writing this post, and, as she mostly knows WHO to ask to fix a bike rather than HOW to fix it, she can’t give anymore information.


Cute (and hopefully useful) mini can openers

We bought a mini-can opener that is very cute and apparently works very well, according to the Captain who experienced a brief stint in the army many years ago, and used lots of these style can openers. You can get two in a pack for $3.50! Bargain!


Headlight fitout

One gear adaptation the Captain is very proud of on the tandem, is the new headlight setup on the tandem. Putting a handlebar

bag on the front of the bike meant the lights had to move from their place on the handlebars.

There are products you can buy to assist with this, but why fork out money when you use a piece of electrical conduit, two hose clamps and some double sided tape to rig up what seems to be an effective bit of gear?

Hot mudflap and shiny new (hopefully stronger!) wheels

Hot mudflap and shiny new (hopefully stronger!) wheels


The Captain also created a mudflap for the mudguards from a piece of fluoro orange reinforced vinyl he got from the man up the road who makes canopies for utes. After Saturday’s hot ride out to Bushy Park, the mudflap was stiffened up a bit with an extra layer of vinyl. The heat softened the vinyl so much during Saturday’s ride that it seemed a bit useless. I guess if it was, or had been raining, the mudflap wouldn’t be suffering from so much heatstroke, and it wouldn’t be a problem…I will let the Captain figure that one out himself 🙂

There are only 10 days to go!

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