Central Highlands Lodge

Last night’s accommodation at the Central Highlands Lodge was so good we felt it deserved it’s own post. Yes, we were knackered from a hard day’s ride, and were probably overly appreciative of what should be normal standards of accommodation after our horrible night at the Grange, but, this place was great.

In yesterday’s post, we mentioned the owners offered to run our clothes through their washing machine for us when we enquired about laundry facilities. Well, that washing was washed, hung out and dried, folded, and returned to us at the end of our evening when we went to pay for dinner.

The dinner was fantastic, nutritious, fresh, and made on location by the people at the lodge. No premix meals here! The dessert was the same and by the time we made it back to our room (at the late hour of 7pm) we were absolutely full and ready for a good sleep! As all you cyclists will know, it can take a lot to fill a hungry cyclist’s belly!

Thank you Central Highlands Lodge! We needed that good feed and good sleep, and you provided it!

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