Day 3 – Miena to Deloraine


After a great night of rest, we were well ready to leave by 8am. Today was going to be an easy 70kms of mostly flat and downhill into Deloraine.


As we left the town of Miena a road sign informed us that there was 9km of gravel to follow. It was pretty good gravel, easy enough to ride on with our 28mm tyres. Only a handful or cars went past, and most of them slowed politely as they went by.

The gravel continued for more than the sign said, about three times more, but we were determined to enjoy our steady 15km/hr pace into the slightly annoying headwind. The scenery was barren and beautiful and we were glad there was no biting southerly or snow!


When we got to Liawenee the showers started and the comfortable warmth we had been feeling started to fade. By the time we climbed up the last big hill, took a photo from the lookout…


…stopped at Pines Lake for a look…


…and took a photo of the sign at 1210 metres, the highest point on the Lake Highway…


…it was quite cold, quite befitting the slipper we found on the side of the road. We had only just finished a conversation about how normally, wherever there’s water, you’ll see a rubber thong on the side of the road, but in Tasmania, where it is considerably cooler, you don’t. This was definitely Tassie’s answer to the rubber thong.


It was nice to hit the descent, although after riding at an average speed of less than 20km/hr for two and a half days, the Stoker found herself just a little bit terrified of the 50 – 60 km/hr descent! We would have loved to stop and a take a photo of the road as it appeared to vanish off the side of the mountain with its steepness, but we were enjoying the effortless cycling too much to stop until we got to this lookout.

Such was the descent (about 1200m remember) we rode the last 30km from the 1210m sign into Deloraine in just over an hour! What a delightful change! The first 40km took us two hours!


When we got to Deloraine we set up our tent…


…bought a bottle of wine to go with dinner (notice the name)…


…and watched a duck lay an egg right near our table.


Tomorrow we ride to Devonport, an easy 51km of fairly flat roads.

What a life…

Have a good Christmas to those of you who celebrate it. We will do your riding for you.

3 responses to “Day 3 – Miena to Deloraine

  1. Merry Christmas Eve Mick & Jen, this will be one you’ll be telling stories of for many years to come. Enjoy every minute.


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