Day 10 – Kyneton to Bendigo

We’ve got a bit out of whack with our posts and we’re running a day behind, so this is going to be short (‘phew!’ I hear some of you say).

The roads from Kyneton to Bendigo were fantastic. We rode for kilometres and kilometres on the Old Calder Hwy, which is smooth, often multi20130101-153904.jpg-lane with a huge shoulder, and no traffic! I think we saw about ten cars the whole time we were on that road! It was a cyclist’s dream.

Enquiries at Chewton directed us to go a back way to Bendigo, which we did, taking a back road which was hilly and scenic.

The Golden Square Caravan Park in Bendigo was good until a drug crazed man started calling out randomly throughout the night. There were plenty of irate campers telling him to shut up.

We decided to have a rest day in Bendigo on the strength of two bad nights sleep and moved caravan parks.

What does one do on a public holiday while having a rest day?
And go swimming! That’s right! For the first time in nearly 4 years we went swimming because it was hot! The water was refreshingly cold and Captain only needed a tiny bit of prompting to immerse his whole body.

Tomorrow we set off early for Boort Lakes. About 100kms and hot, but we are ready!

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