Day 11 – Bendigo to Boort

Our alarm went off at 5.30 this morning after a wonderfully peaceful sleep (except for the loud snorer in the tent next door!). We packed up pretty quickly, had breakfast, and were on our way by 7am with a cool breeze blowing us along.

The Loddon Hwy was okay for the first 50km. There was a small amount of traffic and a couple of big trucks, which made us nervous because the ‘shoulder’ was thick gravel, not very conducive to a feeling of comfort!

As the morning went on we started fantasising about there being a great coffee shop in our next stop, Serpentine, and how we would buy a big bowl of coffee there, and a toasted sandwich, and maybe even two coffees each. This was all highly unlikely based on the information we received at the Visitor’s Centre in Bendigo. The man there told us there was a garage at Serpentine where we would be able to get a drink.

We pulled into the Caltex service station at Serpentine, a small roadhouse, and ordered expensive coffees and an egg and bacon sandwich.

We couldn’t believe it when these coffees came out!


They were worth every cent and more! The sandwich was superb too and we sort of wished we were more hungry and could try the rump steak or hot chips!

A man came up to us and asked if we were the same people he had seen in Deloraine! He had been in Tassie for Christmas with his wife’s family and had seen us go around the roundabout there.

We took the Old Boort Rd from Serpentine to Borung, then onto Boort and only encountered a dozen cars the whole 50kms! As well as that, (for those people who like stats) our average speed was 26kms/hr. That’s pretty good pace and we are grateful for the pancake flat roads and tailwind we had most of the way.

We are camped for the night in the caravan park.


Boort is a tiny town with a couple of lakes that are very popular with skiers. The caravan park is full, but we have a lovely grassy, shady spot with a cooling breeze off the lake.


3 responses to “Day 11 – Bendigo to Boort

  1. Bonnie and I have just finished reading a book set in Boort- thought it was fictional…enjoying the blog! Happy New Year to you. Annie x


    • Glad you’re enjoying the blog. There is always si much more that we have to leave out or I would become a cycling computer nerd :). What is the book called? Hopefully it’s about what a nice town it is and there are no murders in it.


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