Day 12 – Boort to Kerang and ‘Exciting’ Tandem Touring Facts (for us anyway)

Believe it or not, at 2am this morning, the Captain and I were shivering and had to get out a sleeping bag for warmth. Last night was so pleasant (read: hot) that we laid on top of our silk liners and didn’t bother getting out the sleeping bags. The coolness made for a great sleep and when the alarm went off at 5.30am, we struggled to get going.

We were on the road just after 7am and making our way to Kerang. The morning warmed up quickly, particularly compared to yesterday, but the ‘breeze + sweat’ combination worked well and we stayed cool.


Kerang Bakery was a treat (see below for the feast we had there) and while breakfasting outside, an older lady called Irene stopped for a chat. It turns out she had passed us on the road about 12km before Kerang with her granddaughter driving on her ‘L’ plates. We had noticed the ‘L plate’ driver because the car slowed and gave us heaps of room, which was wonderful. Irene was a font of knowledge about the local area and showed us where to head to on our map.


A few people commented on how hot it is going to be for the next few days as they walked past, and advised us to be careful. We intend to be careful and stop at at least one of the lakes between here and Swan Hill for the next couple of days. Lake Boort was so beautiful and cool yesterday that we are looking forward to the next couple of lakes.

Facts, maybe not, but here are some interesting things we have been thinking about and discussing during the hours on the road. The Kerang Library is providing a lovely service for us as we sit here in airconditioned comfort using the internet and charging our phones off the computer. We’re not sure if that is technically allowed, but, being the hard-core cycling tourers we have become, we will take the chance.

* 680km: the number of kilometres we have travelled since leaving Hobart on 22nd December, 2012. That’s 12 days ago for anyone who’s wondering.

* thongs, sunglasses, assorted hats, camp chairs, esky: the items we could have collected from the side of the road if we weren’t cycling. No need to spend money…just pick it up from the roadside! As we rode along this morning we pondered the items that would be worth stopping for on a bicycle. What do you reckon?

* 7 x 750mls bottles + 1 x 1 litre bladder: not an excessive amount of water to carry (and refill during the day). And we have only just begun to hit the hot days yet!

* 2 x ham and salad rolls, 2 x potato cakes, 2 x big coffees, 1 x big coffee scroll: the amount we ate for our ‘proper’ breakfast at 9:30 this morning when we rolled into Kerang. If the distances are right, we have found it works well if we have a cup of tea or ‘condensed milk and coffee’ with some fruit for breakfast. We have a muesli bar later on then eat well when we get to the next town.

* front mudguards may be handy when it is raining, but are ‘bloody annoying’ otherwise (can you hear the Captain’s voice here). And we bought the good ones!

* ‘bum breaks’: something we need about every hour. Our bums start to get agitated and need a rest off the bike seat, particularly noticeable towards the end of a long day on the pedals, or the next day when we are still recovering.

* Whizzfree: a peeing device that enables females to pee standing up. So incredibly handy in this flat land where you can cycle for kilometres with no useful trees in sight!


* tea tree oil: a magical cure-all that will get it’s own post shortly. The things this stuff can’t fix aren’t worth mentioning!

We intend to stock up at ‘Safeways’ when we leave here then head off to a lake. Enjoy your heatwave Tasmanians!

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