Swan Hill

We slept in today…until 6.30am! It was very nice to know all we had to do was hang around for the day. Yesterday’s heat had knocked us around a bit and we definitely needed the rest.

The first port of call was the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement. It was quite expensive, $26 per adult, but we figured you have to do some pricey tourist things when you’re on holiday.
Besides, the ticket is valid for two days and the lady told us we would quite likely need two days to get through it all! This was sounding good!


Horse drawn tour around the settlement (5 mins)

20130105-164737.jpgschool marm stoker [/caption]

20130105-164918.jpg We need one of these for the bike while we’re touring! [/caption]

20130105-164944.jpg The Captain’s dream bike…no need for panniers! [/caption]

The settlement was sort of fun; we noticed the fellow who drove the horse and cart asked the same questions at the same point of each group of people, and we laughed at a pair of very high heeled shoes our friend would wear now;
but…the whole place was old and tired. Everything looked like it needed fixing or dusting or tidying up. After an hour and a half we walked out feeling the place is not living up to its $26 price tag. The Pioneer Settlement could be so good.

It is still in the low 40s now at 6.20pm. The BBQ dinner is smelling good…


We are starting to adjust and will be ready to go by Monday morning!

One response to “Swan Hill

  1. I’ve heard if you ride fast it’s cooler, let me know if there is any truth in that on the next 42 degree day. Regards myth buster team.


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