Interesting people and Swan Hill again

Meet Brendan and his dog Bouncer. They have been travelling by canoe for 12 months from one end of the Murray River to the other.

On board his canoe, Brendan has things like a chainsaw for chopping firewood, 30 litre water container, and rabbit traps to catch food. He sleeps on the shore beside his canoe each night and only stops on town when necessary. He was very interesting to chat too, a modern day swagman.

Yesterday’s 45 degrees was honoured by TWO swims in the pool which was getting soupy by the afternoon.

In between swims we walked around town looking for a long sleeved, collared, cotton shirt to wear while on the bike, and other times. The sun and heat are pretty ferocious, and while our fitted ‘sun arms’ have been good sun protection, they don’t provide much cooling effect. The long sleeves will blow about and help with this. We tried the shirts today on a short ride and they worked a treat!

Tonight we are having a last dinner with our ex/Townsville friend at the local Thai restaurant, then tomorrow it’s off to Manangatang! We would have left today if we knew it was going to be a ‘cool’ 38 degrees instead of the 41 that was forecast. Hopefully tomorrow will be a similar temperature.

NB: Dinner was fabulous at the Java Spice Thai Restaurant. We even got to meet Peter Llewellyn, the wine maker who made the very nice red we were drinking.



2 responses to “Interesting people and Swan Hill again

  1. you’ve got a bit a swaggy look yourself Mick…sun protection I guess. You missed Tassie at 40 degrees.
    Good to see you enjoying a wine ration.



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