Mildura is a beautiful country town (sorry, rural city) and we have enjoyed spending the last 6 days here.


The Murray River is a beautiful part of Mildura.

We visited oodles of the Captain’s family members and friends, and made up for any weight loss and energy depletion incurred thus far by eating mammoth amounts of food!

One of our mammoth meals was with some friends at ‘Hog’s Breath’, which is not a restaurant we would normally visit. The meals weren’t particularly cheap, but the 18 hour slow cooked steak was wonderful, and the fresh, lightly steamed vegetables, and baked potato were better than your average restaurant fare! Not to mention this monster…


WARNING! Do NOT eat if you want to be able to keep wearing your current wardrobe!

Eight scoops of ice cream, mud cake, marshmallows, strawberry topping…
Needless to say, the Captain led the charge on this one…the Stoker was just assisting 🙂

Mildura has plenty of bike lanes and bike paths. Some of the separate bike paths are more suitable for kids or mountain bikes with their gravel sections, uneven parts and the occasional sharp twist to keep you guessing. We got a puncture while riding on one of the gravelly sections too, so our opinion of them is biased.

Riding in Mildura is like riding in a big city, except the cars are rushing to get…well…nowhere! Cyclists everywhere will have experienced the sensation of a car rushing past a hairbreadth away rather than treating the bike as a vehicle and moving right over to the other available lane.

We quickly learnt to ride in the middle of the left lane on the multilane roads, that way cars were forced to change lanes instead of nearly pushing us off the road. Most of the roads we went on however, were quiet country roads with courteous traffic.

After nearly a week of living the life of luxury, we are itching to get back on the road and pedal onwards. There’s something about being on a bike all day, then cooking up a feed on a small stove and climbing into a little tent to sleep that is rather appealing…I think we have started to develop an addiction!

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