Day 24 – Mildura to Lake Cullulleraine

I apologise for the crazy way the photos are organised. It wasn’t me! In the end I had to publish it before I threw the phone in the lake!
Cockatoos galore!

Our little blue home

We have ridden 93 kilometres since we left Mildura this morning. It was great to feel the legs working again and be pedalling along the road to our next destination, which was Lake Cullulleraine.

It was a fairly uneventful trip, apart from our accidental detour to Red Cliffs this morning. Don’t ever rely on ‘local’ knowledge that is thirty years old! The weather was perfect and the traffic quiet. We probably only saw about a dozen vehicles, the majority of which were big trucks. In these cases we got off the road as there was no shoulder to speak of and we weren’t taking the chance!

Taking a back road meant we got to visit the Werrimull pub, which has the self proclaimed honour of being Victoria’s most outback pub.

We stopped at the Lake Cullulleraine and got some food and directions to the caravan park, along with a big smile and friendly chatter. The RSL Caravan Park is cheap, only $15 for an unpowered site for two people.

We strolled around the lake and saw heaps of birds. Neither of us being ‘bird people’, we don’t know what they all were, but some were cockatoos…we think.

20130114-164707.jpg The overcast afternoon meant it was lovely and cool (in a very non Tasmanian way), and perfect for lounging around. 20130114-164950.jpg br />

Tomorrow’s journey will be interesting, with roughly 80 kms to Renmark along a road frequented by big trucks. We can hear their constant rumble from our spot by the lake. The road has a shoulder though, and apparently the roads get even better once we cross the South Australian border after about 35kms, so it should be okay.

2 responses to “Day 24 – Mildura to Lake Cullulleraine

  1. Really enjoying following your progress – not sure if I am envious of the high temp’s or not (it’s hovering around zero here in NW England). What’s the make / model of the tandem you are riding? Impressed with your daily distances with all that kit on – used to tandem tour with a tent and gear 1997-2008 – got soft since then and gone for B&B’s


    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the journey! The high temps are good but can get quite draining when we are riding in them for too long. Our tandem is an Australian designed bike by Beach Road Cycles in Melbourne. The model is called a Pegasus Duet II. We love riding the tandem, and have had pretty good riding conditions except when it has been super hot, hence the longer distances. Besides that, some days we have to ride longer distances if we want to make it from one town to the next in a day.


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