Day 25 – Lake Culluleraine to Renmark

We crossed the South Australian border today! That was in spite of the woman from the general store in Culluleraine telling us the border was about 35kms away. Try 60!


It wasn’t that exciting, but we got to stop at the quarantine station and declare our lack of fruit and vegetables.


The whole 93km was on the Sturt Highway, but it was pretty good. Even though we had lots of trucks go past, we had sufficient shoulder to ride on that we felt quite comfortable. Most of the riding was on flat roads too, so the trip didn’t seem to take too long and we were eating sandwiches at the Renmark patisserie before 11am.

Our spot at the caravan park was lovely and shady and grassy, although the ducks seem to like those factors too, and we had to watch out for duck poo!

We appreciated the fact that we could get drinkable water from every tap. After staying in a few caravan parks and riding through some towns that don’t have drinking water readily available, our appreciation levels have risen immensely!

Renmark was pleasant to stroll around, and we enjoyed a beer on the deck of the Renmark Club overlooking the river. There’s always something to see.

It was quite hot today, and tomorrow is supposed to be 39 degrees. Back to the hot weather riding!

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