Day 27 – Morgan to Kapunda

We are going to become pro cyclists. In four days we have ridden roughly 400kms. Isn’t that what the pros do?


The day was hot and barren. It got to 33 degrees by 10am and we didn’t bother checking after that, but the forecast of 44 degrees definitely happened! Someone told us later they got a reading of 46 degrees on their car’s temperature gauge! Needless to say, we had drunk two and a half litres of water each by the time we got to Eudunda. It was a long, hot and slow ride!


60kms from Morgan, Eudunda provided us with a fabulous big breakfast at their bakery. We sat inside in the air conditioning and looked out at the grapevines hanging from the awning feeling our core temperature slowly get back to normal. Just as well because today we encountered our first real hills of the mainland journey. Eudunda has an elevation of over 400 metres, and we felt every metre after yesterday’s draining130km.


We left Eudunda at about 11am, and headed into the glorious hot head/crosswind again. Thankfully we also got a lovely descent for a a couple of kilometres and the 26kms into Kapunda started looking better…for a bit.

The tent sites at the caravan park at Kapunda were in a hot, dry, and fairly dusty paddock off to the side of the grassy green caravan sites. Not what you’re looking for at 2pm on a 44 degree day when you feel like you have been busting your gut! We couldn’t camp on these lovely lush green spots because they had underground watering systems and the manager didn’t want the hoses getting wrecked! No worries ‘mate’!

Feeling like the poor cousins to the caravaners (of which there were few) we trudged over to the paddock and set up our tent in the bit of shade there was. We have to admit, the site actually ended up being better than the first hot and weary impressions (cold beer helps!); there was some grass there with a hint of green and the shade was fairly consistent under a big tree. I would show you a photo, but we have encountered download problems again!

We showered, and by 4pm we had retreated to one of the local pubs where the air conditioning, cold beer, big meals and lively banter of the locals kept us happy until later in the evening.

During the night we had about 20 drops of rain and the promised cooler front eventuated, making for a very pleasant sleep!

5 responses to “Day 27 – Morgan to Kapunda

  1. I am following you each are going extremely well under extreme are well ahead as a tandem more prangs. miss you. Charles Dog.


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