Days 30, 31, 32 – Adelaide, Glenelg and a Solar Panel

Being in Adelaide for the start of the Tour Down Under was great fun! There were hundreds of cyclists everywhere and we were incredibly impressed with the courteousness of the traffic and the number of bicycle lanes, signs and general bicycle-user friendly features.


Watching the criterium on Sunday night was exciting. We could have done with some of that speed on our hottest days when we thought we would never get there!


View from our hotel room on the tenth floor!

Our hotel was fantastic with amazing views…

The best coffee of the trip so far has been in Adelaide so we drank lots of it! That might explain our late nights. We didn’t go to bed until 10pm every night!

We hung out with the Stoker’s friend and enjoyed some HUGE beverages at the Belgian Beer Garden.


Only 265g!

One of the most exciting events of the Adelaide days was our purchase of a solar panel to charge our phones and ipad.

Power has been a bit of an issue on the trip. Whenever we wanted to charge our devices, we had to hang around in the laundry at the caravan park, or near the power pole if we had a powered tent site, waiting for charging to be complete. Frustration had caused us to write ‘solar panel’ on the list of required items for future trips.

When we saw this solar panel in a camping store (yes Greg, your favourite one :)), we got excited, made the purchase, and have been merrily charging the panel and our phones ever since!

Adelaide to Glenelg

After city living for a couple of days, we had gotten a bit soft, and didn’t end up leaving the city to ride to Glenelg until after 10am. We just followed the bike lane along the main road until we hit the water…
This was our first sighting of the coast since Melbourne, so we happily donned our swimmers and experienced hot, white, beach sand for a brief while. It was wonderful being back in a coastal town, with shorts, singlets, bathers, ice creams and fish and chips everywhere. Glenelg was full of tourists though, and the the crowds and traffic meant the tandem was a bit tricky to manoeuvre around.
We stayed at the very busy and fairly costly caravan park just north of Glenelg and walked the couple of kilometres back along the coastal pathway to the supermarket to buy food for dinner. It was a lovely walk, but we were knackered by bed time!

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