Day 38 – Meningie to Kingston S. E.

Yesterday’s 95 kilometres, half of which was into a headwind on an uncomfortable road left us feeling pretty tired, but being the pros we are, we decided to tackle the 145 kilometres to Kingston S.E. in one day. It was going to be flat after all, right along the edge of the Coorong, and there is nothing much between Meningie and Kingston except for a roadhouse/campground at Salt Creek, 63kms along and a few bush camping sites. If we got too tired we had enough supplies so we could camp at one of those sites rather than pushing on to Kingston.

We slept in until 6.30am then had two leisurely cups of tea before leaving at about 9am. The wind was light and it was a lovely sunny day. There was a bit of traffic around, but the shoulder was better than yesterday so we felt more relaxed and optimistic about completing the full 145kms in one day.

The mighty Coorong

The mighty Coorong

Reaching Salt Creek after 63 kilometres felt like paradise. We hadn’t seen anything except scrub and friendly motorists the whole way, and we were looking forward to a rest and a good feed. Our legs and bums were suffering a little from the effects of the hard ride yesterday too, and the 145kms was becoming more daunting.

Salt Creek roadhouse was a very busy little spot, with queues of people coming and going and a cheerful waitress who kept everyone happy and smiling as she served up their food. We had a steak sandwich with the lot and bowl of chips to wash it down with; it didn’t take long either!


Some good food gave us a bit of energy and we pushed on, leaving Salt Creek at 1pm, determined to get the last 80kms over and done with. This was easier said than done as we stopped every 5 or 10kms to rest our bums, which don’t seem to like spending hours every day on the saddle without a rest! We are definitely going to look at Brooks leather saddles when we get home!

We were cheering when we only had 50kms to go...only another two and a half hours to go!

We were cheering when we only had 50kms to go…only another two and a half hours to go!

There is not much to say about the rest of the ride. This wind, though not too strong, was a headwind, and the road was lightly undulating and fairly tedious. The Stoker resorted to thinking in 15 minute time periods (about 5kms), and the Captain worked on his mental arithmetic by scrolling thought the bicycle computer and making constant calculations and giving statistics. Today was by far the most challenging day we had experienced so far.

At about 5.30pm we rolled slowly into town and followed the caravan park signs in what felt like a huge, unnecessary loop around town until we reached the entry. The man inside the caravan park office made some wisecrack about koalas and raised platforms when we asked for a tent site, but we were so knackered we had no idea that he was making a joke.

We set up the tent, showered, cooked dinner and were in bed fast asleep by 7.30pm. Tomorrow was looking like a rest day!

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  1. The pole house at Fairhaven is being demolished but a modern house is being built.It probably wont look much when you get there.Raymond Adams is the owner/builder.No more records.Charles Dog.


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