Day 39 – Rest Day at Kingston S. E.

Aah, what a day. Sleep in, two cups of tea, more laying around (mostly brought about by the light showers that started as soon as we hung out our washing), then a cold and slightly wet walk into town in search of coffee and breakfast. Today was the first day we wore our rain jackets all day!

We decided to rest today, in light of the last two strenuous days and the fact our legs were complaining. Kingston S.E. (so named because there are two towns called Kingston in South Australia) is right on the beach and the perfect place for a lazy beach day when it is not cold, drizzling and blowing a gale.


The coffees were hot however, and we even made our way back later in the day for lunch treats. Our washing dried well in the clothes dryer and we enjoyed a nice platter during the windy but fairly sunny afternoon.

We cooked a scrumptious dinner…

Inspired by Karyn, our friend in McLaren Vale, we cooked couscous with onion, garlic and almond slivers. We marinated beef in red wine, garlic, soy sauce and chilli flakes, then stir-fried vegetables to go with it. The Stoker was mighty proud (if she does say so herself).


Tomorrow we aim to make 45kms to Robe. This doesn’t sound far, but with the way the wind is, and our legs are, we reckon this may be far enough! If we feel good after a rest there, we may go another 45kms. Time will tell.

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