Day 40 – Kingston S.E. to Robe

Any pain and suffering we may have put ourselves through during the past few days was forgotten as soon as we saw this…


Our tent site has this tremendous view out over the Southern Ocean, and it is a beautiful turquoise blue. The Stoker even thought she saw dolphins, but it was sea bird of some sort. We did see dolphins in the bay at Kingston yesterday though!

The ride to Robe was slow. We had a headwind and had to content ourselves with 15 kilometres an hour for the whole 42 kilometres. There was not much traffic though, and the few trucks were extremely courteous, even slowing down to let cars past coming the other way!

We also saw heaps of apple trees on the side of the road and picked a few to take with us. The Captain’s notorious sweet tooth led him to think they were a bit tart, but we will cook them up for dessert.

We rolled into Robe about 11am and had fantastic coffee and sourdough bread at the ‘Providore’. When we ordered a second coffee and asked for more toast, they even gave us the extra toast for free! Yay for good service and excellent coffee!


The afternoon was exceedingly pleasant, with beach time and a stroll through the Main Street looking in all the interesting shops and historical buildings Robe had on offer.


Thai green curry tastes better when cooked while looking out at the ocean views. We enjoyed a local drop while we ate and savoured the sunshine and shelter from the wind.


The forecast for tomorrow is for north-westerly winds. If this is true, we will most likely aim for Millicent, 80kms away. If we get the seemingly ever present headwinds, we will just go to Beachport, only 45ish kms further along. We don’t care at the moment, with this view, we could stay here for days!


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