Day 46 – Port Fairy to Warrnambool

After a luxurious start to the morning with breakfast in the B&B, we headed to Warrnambool, about 30 kilometres away, or so we thought. The route we took was actually closer to 40 kilometres, but the scenery was pleasant and the traffic light, so we happily pedalled along into the cross/headwind.

On the way we saw ‘Tower Hill’, a volcanic crater that looked pretty spectacular.


The last ten kilometres into Warrnambool along the Caramut Road was not very comfortable with no shoulder, lots of traffic, big hills and a headwind. Thankfully it was only ten!

We met our friend in Warrnambool and get to stay in his accommodation for the night. It’s pretty plush and we are starting to get worried we might get used to this luxurious way of life…it could get expensive…

After dinner, our friend took us for a drive and we saw the wild waters of Warrnambool…


It’s on to Port Campbell tomorrow, and back to camping in the tent. The Stoker’s sister will be there, so we are expecting a big home cooked feast (hint, hint, darling sis).

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