Day 51 – Anglesea to Breamlea

After a good sleep we packed up and by 8.30am we were out of there, searching for a good breakfast in the shopping centre close by. Breakfast was okay, and we set off on the last big climb of the trip (apparently) to get out of Anglesea.

There was a climb, but it wasn’t too bad. There was a good shoulder on the Great Ocean Road, which was just as well as there was heaps of traffic. The road continued to undulate gently
for a bit until we hit the turn off to the famous ‘Bell’s Beach’.

As we had been told, there was a fast downhill and a slow uphill before we hit the lookout to the beach.

It was obviously a good day for surf as there were a lot of surfers out in the water. Either that or they just like hanging around on their surfboards, bit like cyclists around a coffee shop.


Torquay wasn’t far away, but it did involve a bunch of fairly steep hills along Bell’s Boulevard until we hit the Great Ocean Road again!

It was a Saturday, but Torquay was crazily busy and there was a constant stream of cars along the esplanade. The beaches were swarming with people too, but the day was so lovely we found a spot on the sand and stretched out. The Stoker even went for a dip and the water was wonderfully refreshing.

We decided to try and find a caravan park so we could spend the afternoon at the beach, but there no grassy tent sites to be had, only pine bark, which we were not keen on. It was so busy we figured it was probably better to ride on a bit further to Breamlea anyway.

Following the directions of the cycle tourer from last night, we headed for Blackgate Road rather than continuing along the highway. This took us on a quieter route until we reached the little hamlet of Breamlea. The tent sites were all grassy and the beach was fantastic.

The only shop, which was at the caravan park, was not that great however, and we had gotten so used to civilisation we had not come prepared for dinner. Fortunately we had rice, half an onion and some garlic left, so we scoffed that as the evening turned increasingly chilly. Tomorrow we could look forward to a good breakfast in Barwon Heads!

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