Did I really say that?!?

Overloaded bike in india

We rode our bikes to a meeting of the local Bicycle Users Group (BUG) on Monday. This coming Sunday is the Sue Bell Memorial Ride, an awareness raising event for safe cycling as well as remember a woman who was killed by a truck while cycling last year.

At the meeting we volunteered to drive the 30km course early on Sunday morning and put out the required yellow ‘Caution Cyclists’  signs every 5kms before we rode into the start and helped out with registrations.

Since that magnaminous offer of help, we remembered that we pledged not to use our car for the next two weeks from tomorrow. Now we have to work out how to transport seven quite large yellow signs on a bike…

A friend has offered use of a bike trailer. Looks like we will have to get up super early, ride into the start of the course so we can put the signs where they need to go, then, 30km later, be back at the start by 6am ready to help with registrations and do the proper ride for fun with everyone else!

This car-free experiment is going well so far…




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