Now we’re talking


The first two days of our car-free adventure have been fantastic fun, and if a car-free life meant endless weekends and non-stop fun we would sell the car right now! We had some bicycle tourists on trikes stop by for a couple of nights and fill our heads with tales of cycling adventures. Our friends rode over to join us for dinner and the garage was full of the best type of vehicle.

IMG_1194We had to go and pick up some important necessities which consisted of a carton of beer and 5kg of potatoes…


And we joined in the Sue Bell Memorial Ride on Sunday morning. It was fantastic to see so many cyclists out at once and taking up a whole lane of traffic for the 30km journey…


The only difficulty we had throughout our car-free weekend was getting up at 4am to put out the ‘Caution Cyclists’ signs after the lively dinner party the night before. Remember we rashly volunteered to do this job before realising we had vowed not to use our car?

Well, we hooked up a IMG_3629friend’s trailer to our tandem bicycle so we could carry the signs and left home at 4.30am. It took us an hour and a half and we made it to the start of the ride in plenty of time. Interestingly, we found out later that this was the same amount of time it took another volunteer to drive around in her car and mark spots on the course the day before!

Tomorrow will be a good car-free test day. We like to run with a group and usually leave home at 5.10am to get there in our car. We’ll see how it goes on the bikes…




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