Bicycles are the best

IMG_0728Our two weeks of car free fun ended almost two weeks ago, and to be honest, we were not totally sad about it. I was sad I had to go back to work and spend my work day driving a few kilometres here and there instead of using the bike, but we were also felt a guilty relief when we could get in the car to drive to running training and buy as much as we wanted at the supermarket without considering how we would get it home.

After two weeks, we still don’t know whether we would definitely get rid of the car if the opportunity presented itself (i.e. I got another job), or whether we would be happier keeping the car sitting in the driveway. When you add up the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, tyres etc, it certainly seems financially viable to not have a car and just hire one for the odd day or two when you really feel the need.

Our society is so set up for the use of motor vehicles the idea of not having one seems ludicrous to most people. We are not immune from this way of thinking, but let’s just say that if fuel prices doubled tomorrow, for example, we would quite happily make the permanent shift to a car-free life!

The next car free opportunity will present itself in September and we plan to enjoy the car-free experience again, this time as the weathers starts to head into a tropical summer, which may present some new challenges.

In the meantime, we will have fun riding our bikes as much as possible in whatever clothing we have on, going as fast or slow as we feel like! ‘Cos just being on a bike is what it’s all about!


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