Bicycle Touring in Townsville

There is something very satisfying in travelling by bicycle and carting your own gear; an unexplainable joy in feeling weary at the end of a self-powered journey, putting up your tent, cooking on a small camp stove and lazing around the camp fire. Even if the trip includes the luxury of hotels or non-camping accommodation, you always enjoy dinner so much more when you have used your own fuel to get there!

Like most other people, we work full-time and our opportunities for extended bicycle touring are limited. Our feet constantly get itchy to head off on our bikes, so instead of hanging around waiting for the next big trip, we have started using free weekends and public holidays as opportunities for shorter overnight trips around Townsville.

Our inaugural Townsville trip was fairly hefty, 120kms on both Saturday and Sunday. Along with three others, we headed out to Hervey Range, then to Mingela and back to Townsville. We camped at Fanning River and rode 70kms of dirt road. You can read more about that trip here.

We are planning a three day bicycle touring adventure for the October long weekend, but are still working on the details of exactly where we will go. Before then there is going to be a least one short trip (roughly 50kms each way), even if we only end up at Alligator Creek!

If you’re interested in taking your tent on your bike for a cycling adventure, and would like to join with us on one of our short (or more hefty) weekend trips, we invite you to come in and chat with us about it!

When we go cycle touring:

* You support yourself in the manner you feel comfortable. For us, that means carrying everything we need on our bike. For others, that might mean having your partner meet you at the campsite with the car and a hot cup of tea.

* You ride at the speed you feel comfortable. Sometimes we like to ride fast, like when we have a tailwind, or are going downhill. If we’re riding uphill with all our gear though, we ride torturously slow. Cycle touring is not about the pace, it’s about the enjoyment level, and if you want to ride fast, slow, or otherwise, that’s up to you!

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