Touring season starts again!

North Queensland is notoriously hJeremy the Pomot and humid during the summer period, made worse by a wet season with the inevitable flooded roads and huge downpours. This tends to limit the touring enthusiasm, unless you’re like Jeremy the Pom who arrived just after Christmas Day and sweated his way south from Cairns all the way down to the southern states.

 Well, the wet season didn’t really show up this year, but it was still hot and humid. It has only been in the last couple of weeks that the weather has shown a hint of the wonderful Townsville winter weather everyone loves. And we know that this means…
                                              …it’s touring time!
The first trip is this weekend to take advantage of Easter public holidays. We are leaving at 7am on Good Friday, then heading to the end of Hervey’s Range Rd where we will camp overnight and ride back the next day.
One of the best bits will be stopping at  Hervey’s Range Heritage Tea Rooms  on the way! They open at 9am and we reckon we will be there about then, ready for a coffee and a sandwich…pie…cake…(knowing the Pedlar, it could be all three!).
Unfortunately, our trip is only going to be overnight, but our friend Ian has a whole nine more days of cycle touring to do! He is going to keep on riding through Greenvale, Atherton and Daintree before catching the train back from Cairns. We have asked him to do a guest post for us when he gets back, so keep an eye out for his story. We are just a wee bit jealous…
If you are like us and can feel the touring itch, pack up your gear and come with us! The trip will be about 130kms each way and we have all day, so the pace won’t be fast. The Heritage Tea Rooms will provide a pleasant spot of refreshment during the morning, and an evening spent sitting around the campfire with fine wine and frivolity can be guaranteed (bring your own bottle :)).
And if you want to be part of the fun but need to head back earlier, the Heritage Tea Rooms are only about 40kms into the journey and make a good turning point.
If you have any questions, you know where we are! Pop in and see us or give us a call.
So, get out that tent, polish up your cooking gear and get packed for a fun weekend!

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