The ‘Great Car-Free Experiment’ becomes ‘Car-Free Reality’


In case you’re wondering, the people in the photo are not us. Thank you to these much younger and better looking cyclists for filling in!

You read it right. The car-free experiment is about to become permanent reality.

Our small foray into the world of car-free living almost 12 months ago certainly had an impact. As mentioned in that post, we had a great time riding our bikes for two weeks and making every journey an adventure. The drive to get rid of our car permanently just wasn’t quite there yet. We were too busy driving to where we wanted to go!

When our registration bill arrived in the mail recently we decided it was finally time to get rid of endless car costs. We only use our car about 3 times a week, but it still costs a fair bit to own a car. Just having a car sitting in our driveway means we regularly give into the temptation to drive when it would be much more practical, environmentally friendly, healthier and cheaper to get on our bikes and ride!

So, the trusty ute has now been serviced and spit polished and is for sale. As soon as that boy goes, we are putting in our order for two Gazelle electric bikes and our car-free life will begin!

Hang on a sec…did we just say electric bikes!

We know what all you pedalling purists are thinking because we used to think the same. I mean, who rides an electric bike?  Drink drivers who have lost their licence? Old nanas who have given up on riding real bikes? People who are too lazy to be their own motor?


Gazelle Electric – Orange C8

In response to the purists, we are not buying electric bikes to replace our regular bikes; we are buying electric bikes to replace our car. Instead of driving places, we will be hopping on our electric bikes and pedalling. The pedalling will be assisted and make the journey easier, but it will still be pedalling!

Every trip taken by bike is one less trip made by a fuel guzzling, rapidly depreciating, environmentally unfriendly motor vehicle. (And yes, we know an electric bike is still technically motorised, but it is a billion times better than a car right?).

And, for all the non-pedal-purist people out there, if an electric bike gets you riding when you would normally drive, it has to be a good thing!

There are plenty of electric/motorised bicycles that are cheap and nasty, have mega safety issues and pretend to be motorbikes. These beasts often do not require any pedalling and are not the sort of thing we are into.

We do believe, however, that there is plenty of potential for electric bikes that are designed as ‘pedal-assist’ bicycles, whether you are young, old, fat, thin, or just keen to get rid of that expensive piece of metal sitting in your driveway!

See you on our bikes!

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