Goodbye Car, Hello Bike!

The car has gone!

 It went to it’s new owners a week ago on Friday afternoon giving us the weekend to adjust to the car-free life. And what a weekend! Without realising, we had managed to book in plenty of activities for the  weekend – running events, BBQ, visits, plus work – which meant we did a lot of riding!

Farewell car!

Farewell car!

Happily for us, our new Gazelle Orange C8 Impulse ebikes turned up on Thursday and were ready to go by the time we gave up our ‘car-on-demand’ lifestyle. We had various comments over the week from people ranging from positive to downright narky. Some people seemed to think that if we were going to get rid of the car we should only ride a standard bicycle, regardless of the fact electric bikes use a tiny fraction of energy chewed up by a motor vehicle. Most people, however, were simply bemused and curious about how we were going to survive without a car.

Gazelle bikes are made in the Netherlands, a country where nearly everyone rides a bike nearly everywhere and bicycles are designed to be practical, comfortable and long lasting. We both chose step-through frames which means when the bikes are loaded up with shopping, or towing a trailer, or Jen is wearing a skirt, the bike can be easily and gracefully mounted.

IMG_4129The bike rides smoothly and oh so comfortably with or without the electric motor turned on. The upright position means we can easily start and stop, take a hand off the handlebar to indicate, or turn our head to see what is behind us while still feeling quite stable.

However, the one thing that REALLY made us smile last weekend as we climbed wearily onto our bikes to pedal home after completing a long run with the running club, was the motor!

You do have to pedal, but the Impulse mid-drive system means once you start those legs going around, headwinds, hills and general fatigue are unnoticeable! We zoomed every time we got on the bike, grinning from ear to ear as we sat comfortably upright and sped home with ease. Our fears of being too tired to get out and about without a car have been laid to rest.

With this ebike, who wants a car!

N.B.: We have ridden our regular bikes during this past week too and are pleased to report that we haven’t lost the ability to pedal without assistance.


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