Cycle touring and Easter weekend 2016 plans

2013-01-19 07.39.21We love cycle touring! You can ride long distances each day because you have all day. The ride is not just a means to an end, it is the end, and the beginning and the middle! Starting to feel tired? No problem, pull over in the shade of a tree and have a rest. Feeling hungry? Now might be the time to pull over and eat those oranges you’ve been carrying.

When we started cycle touring a few years ago we had to work on getting a touring mindset. For us that meant becoming more relaxed about our riding. We’d spent years riding road bikes, often in groups, sticking behind the wheel in front, rolling turns and often riding our guts out to do better than last time.

It was a bit of shock to find out we weren’t that good at cycling at 30+km/h when we had fully loaded panniers and were trying to cover 100 or more kilometres in a day into a headwind or up hills. It was also a relief when we realised that this was touring. There was no pressure, no time schedules (except to get to the campsite by nightfall), we didn’t have to keep up with anyone and we could have rests every 5km if we IMG_3720felt the need (this has happened to us!). We learnt that, unless you want to make it that way, cycle touring is not a race!

On our cycle touring trips we always have multiple stops. People usually end up resting at the same spots together before setting off again at their own pace. When we did an overnight trip with Justin and Cher last year , they rode their trikes at the same pace they had happily used since leaving Hong Kong. Everyone made it to campsite during the afternoon and we had a great night around the campfire!

There will be plenty of opportunity to stop during our four day trip over the Easter weekend next year. There’s the obligatory stop at the Heritage Tea Rooms on Hervey Range for coffee and food, then other stops at rivers and shady spots as we come across them.

Here’s our plan, so if you think you might be even a little bit interested, have a look and think about joining in…

Day 1: Townsville to Fanning River (115km)

Day 2: Fanning River to Mingela to Ravenswood (70km)

Day 3: Ravenswood to Ayr (92km)

Day 4: Ayr to Woodstock to Townsville (117km)

You know you want to…

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