Bec and her touring rig

imageBec is the infamous instigator of our upcoming women only cycle touring trip to Tasmania, planned and booked with one week’s notice. Nothing like a bit of spontaneity to keep life humming!

Bec is a well known Townsville cycling advocate. She came from Brisbane a few years ago for work and in her free time has been consistently and actively pursuing better cycling conditions for all people who ride a bike.

Bec has never owned a car, although she admits she did have access to one for a while. Years of bicycle focused transport has contributed to Bec’s relaxed attitude about the upcoming cycle tour of  the east coast in Tasmania. After all, with a set of Ortlieb panniers and working brakes, you can get anywhere with a bike…can’t you?

A few years ago Bec toured in Europe with her brother on her trusty roadie she bought online while in the Netherlands. Interestingly, Bec’s efforts to purchase a road style bike from a local shop in the Netherlands were thwarted by the Dutch sense of practicality (‘why would you want to ride a road bike unless you’re racing?’) and she resorted to buying one online. This bike has been one of Bec’s reliable commuter bikes (yes, in true bicycle user fashion Bec has a few bikes) and after a thorough servicing early this week is ready to go. Note to potential bicycle tourers: best not to wait until the week before you leave to get your bike serviced in case major work is needed (can’t be helped when you only decide to go one week in advance!).

IMG_2009Bec will have fully loaded rear panniers but can’t fit a front rack to her carbon forks. She decided to fit an Ortlieb handlebar bag to make some more space…for important things of course! There may be a bit of minimalist packing coming up, which can only help on those Tassie hills!

Only two days to go…


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