Day 6 – Coles Bay to Bicheno

EDIT: Triabunna is actually the first town you come across when you travel north from Orford. I was getting my days and locations mixed up when I wrote this post. Thanks Lisa for pointing it out!

What a brilliant day! The road to Bicheno is mostly flat by Tasmanian standards and we absolutely flew to Bicheno. We had a tailwind and made really good time. Traffic was great and not too busy.

 We stopped at Triabunna for a coffee. The cafes weren’t open but there was an Espresso van. The owners were lovely but we did get a lecture about how bicycles hold up the traffic on the narrow, windy roads…Bec is very good at talking through obtuse car drivers so I kept quiet and let her finish the conversation so we could get the coffees.

We got asked again about our Da Brim helmet brims. About once a day someone asks us about them because they are sooo practical!


Bicheno Caravan Park

Bicheno East Caravan Park was fantastic and we set up, had a shower, did the washing and then met up with Bec’s sister and family at the bakery. Our other friends from Townsville, Deb and Adam, were spending a week in Tasmania and turned up in Bicheno to have lunch with us! We spent the afternoon in the warm, wind-free bakery, then went for a walk along the beach front. The wind was pretty fierce and cold earlier in the day, but by late afternoon it had died down, which made the temperature a bit more tolerable.

Bec , Deb and Adam – the path winding along Bicheno’s coast – note the classic cycle touring attire…socks and crocs

That night the wind died down and Bec and I happily cooked up dinner on the Trangia at our campsite.

The wine was good too and we collapsed into bed, dreaming of the 15km climb to St Mary’s tomorrow.

Dinner preparation and no, that is not our car in the background!


2 responses to “Day 6 – Coles Bay to Bicheno

  1. Triabunna? between Coles Bay and Bicheno? I think you got lost 🙂 Am so glad you guys are having a good ride and enjoying the sights. Am enjoying the posts heaps, almost (only almost) makes me want to tour Tassie 🙂


  2. Haha, I am writing these posts whenever I have wifi and the places and activities are obviously getting mixed up! Triabunna was our morning coffee stop after we left Orford! Thanks Lisa! Good spotting!


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