Day 7 – Bicheno to St Helen’s

Freezing in Bicheno. Only 4 degrees with the wind chill factor, and that was when you were standing still!

Freezing in Bicheno. Only 4 degrees with the wind chill factor, and that was when you were standing still!

It was freezing in Bicheno this morning. We overheard someone saying the wind chill factor meant the temperature was only 4 degrees! I had my super windproof warm cycling jacket and gloves on as well as two merino tops and a buff to keep my neck warm!

The cold was brought about by a wonderful south easterly wind, which helped us fly towards St Helen’s. Tasmania’s ‘flat roads’ however, still do contain some hills for us Townsvillians, and we were pleased to come across the Ironhouse Brewery on the White Sands Estate, at the 40km mark, about halfway to St Helen’s. We didn’t brave the beer because we did actually want to make it to St Helen’s that day, but we did have coffee and hot chips and free wifi. Bec had a snooze on the couch too.

Being the Pedlar’s wife and offsider in the shop, I felt the need to try and correct Bec’s gear issue. We are not exactly sure what was causing it, but my attempts worked!

Fixing Bec's gear issues after coffee and chips at the Ironhouse beer involved!

Fixing Bec’s gear issues after coffee and chips at the Ironhouse Brewery And trying to look professional.



The beautiful beach where we may or may not have had a skinny dip…briefly…the water was invigorating!

We stopped at Scamander for a sandwich and a rest before getting on our bikes for the final 15 kms into St Helen’s. The rest area was a little difficult to access and get out of…


The ride into St Helen’s was not that inspiring. As we got closer to this tourist hotspot, the traffic got less courteous and left us less and less room. When we finally rolled into town just before 5pm, we were not feeling very energetic or excited about the place.

The woman at the tourist information centre was wonderful. She found information for us despite it being 3 minutes from closing time and was happy to chat about where we were heading.

When we left the centre a pommie guy called out “I know you!”. It was Phil! Phil and Angela had flown into Cairns from the UK then visited our shop in Townsville a couple of months ago. He had seen our blog and knew I was in Tasmania but did not expect to see us there. Gary was also outside. He is from the UK too and had already spent two months cycle touring  in Tasmania because he liked it so much!


Both Phil and Gary had their night’s accommodation sorted. There is plenty of free camping around but the closest was six kilometres away and we were pretty desperate just to finish the ride for the day! Off to the Big4 caravan park for us!

The Big4 was expensive ($44) and as we rode there we were spat on by a carful of youths. Another load of men in a ute were doing a burnout on the gravel road behind the caravan park when we arrived. It wasn’t feeling good. Oh well…

A typical morning...stuff everywhere, waiting for the tent to dry

A typical morning…stuff everywhere, waiting for the tent to dry and procrastinating about packing up!

Tomorrow we head for Weldborough via the Pyengana Cheese Factory!

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