Our gear list for a four day cycling trip in North Queensland

Loaded touring bike - Vivente

A fully loaded Vivente Anatolia somewhere in Tassie. And yes, that is water in those bottles…

Every time we start packing for a cycle touring trip, we regret not having created a checklist last time and talk about how we should make one this time before forgetting all about it…and so the cycle continues! Our friend gave us a push the other day when she asked us for the list to help her plan for the upcoming Easter cycling trip we are doing together soon.

So, here is ‘The List’! Keep in mind that this is what we will be taking on a short trip in a hot climate and is entirely personal preference based on what we have experienced in the past. If we were heading off for longer we would carry a few extra tools, and if it was in winter, we would take some more clothing for cold evenings. Strangely enough, whether the trip is for four days or four weeks, the amount of gear is pretty much the same!

Cooking and eating gear

cutting board

sharp knife (wiltshire with the cover)

knife, fork, spoon

bamboo spatula

paint scraper (handy for flipping eggs on a BBQ etc)

can opener (tiny one used by the army)

cup – plastic, suitable for boiling water and cold

bowls (ours are part of the Trangia kit. We use them to cook food in and eat food out of)

plate (again, part of the Trangia kit. It gets used as a lid for cooking and as an extra plate when needed)

Airspresso coffee maker

Wine bladder (Platypus brand. Fits one bottle of wine)

2 x cloths for washing up/drying/hand drying etc


Trangia cooking set

Stainless steel bowl from the supermarket – we use it like a wok for cooking meals that don’t fit in our Trangia bowls

Methylated spirits for Trangia


The Trangia with its stainless steel bowl sitting on top. The bottom of the bowl does get black during cooking

The Trangia with its stainless steel bowl sitting on top. The bottom of the bowl does get black during cooking

Staple food items – come on every trip

Olive oil

Soy sauce

Powdered milk

Tea leaves or tea bags

Coffee – ground beans

Keen’s curry powder

Salt and pepper (mixed together in one container)

Chilli flakes


Custard powder (sometimes pre-mixed with sugar and powdered milk)

Cacao powder

Peanut butter and/or honey (in a plastic squeeze bottle)

Condensed milk (tube) – have with coffee or hot choc


Food items for Easter trip


Rolled oats

Chocolate chips (combine with powdered milk, hot water and oats for breakfast each day)




Dried fruit (we like apricots and dates)

Lollies (really good towards the end of the day when you’re feeling done)

Carmen’s muesli bars, or homemade biscuits (depends on time and energy!)


Loaf of unsliced sourdough bread (first time trying this) – plan to use for lunches/small meals during the day


Stirfry ingredients for first night

* Bottle of red wine

* Carrot

* Zuchinni

* Broccoli

* Nuts (part of snack supplies)

* Rice


Water (we are riding a tandem bike so carry enough for two people)

7 x 750ml water bottles

2 x 1.5 litre water bottles (we have cages for these, but you can carry them in your panniers)

2 x 4 litre Ortlieb water bags (we will most likely carry these in our panniers. It will be the first time we have used them)

1 x 5 litre water container (we will most likely fill this at the top of Hervey Range rather than lug it up the hill)

1 x water filter – hopefully not essential on this trip, but may be useful


Sleeping Gear


Sleeping mat

Silk sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag

Pillow (lightweight hiking/camping pillow)


Washing Gear/Toiletries

Towel – lightweight, quick dry

Soap – we use the same liquid soap for hands, clothes, dishes, hair

Toothbrush and paste


Zinc sunblock and lip balm

Hair conditioner – small tub (for Jen)

Moisturizer – small tub (again, for Jen)

Nail clippers



Toilet paper – a half-used roll with the cardboard centre removed and flattened out

Alcohol hand sanitizer

First Aid kit


Clothing (per person) We wear one outfit while cycling, then shower and change into tomorrow’s clean outfit that afternoon while the first set of clothing is being washed and dried. This way we always have a clean set to put on at the end of the day. If the clothing doesn’t dry by the next morning, it can be attached to the panniers while you ride.

2 x underpants

2 x crop tops (just for Jen)

3 x socks

2 x shorts

2 x t-shirts (quick dry material)

1 x long sleeve cotton shirt (for sun protection)

1 x pair shoes to cycle in (we have clip-in touring shoes that can be used for walking too)

1 x pair Crocs (thongs are good too) to wear when off the bike and for showering

Helmet and Da Brim Helmet Visor

Gloves – important for sun as well as crash protection



Light (we are bringing our Luci Solar Outdoor lantern)

“Solar panel for charging our phone (not essential for short trips when you will have access to power a few times, but still useful and fun to use!)”


1 x Ortlieb waterproof handlebar bag (if your panniers etc are not water proof, consider how you will keep your gear dry if it rains)

2 x rear Ortlieb waterproof panniers

2 x front Ortlieb waterproof panniers

1 x Ortlieb trunk bag for mounting on top of the rear rack. We put our tent, tools and lock in this bag


1 x bike lock (we never leave our bike unlocked unless we are there to watch it)

Front and rear bike lights (we don’t plan to ride in the dark but it’s better to be safe than sorry)

Hellion chair – not essential but a delicious luxury and, for us, well worth the little bit of weight and space it takes up!

Tools and Spares

Allen keys – 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Chain lube

2 x spare tubes

1 x tyre sleeve in case of a tyre blowout (on longer trips we wouldusually take a spare tyre)

3 x tyre levers

1 x glue patch kit

1 x derailluer hanger

1 x chain tool

2 x powerlinks

zip ties (good for all sorts of emergencies!)

basic multitool


Personal items

Camera (fully charged and will last the whole trip)



Money, identification and credit card

If you’re still reading, there might be something we have missed in our list. Feel free to post a comment below and let us know what you think is really important to take on a cycle touring trip!

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