Cycling ‘hacks’

This post is really an invitation for you to share your cycling ‘hacks’ with us. We have seen some brilliant and also some hilarious ways of either making something work when it has really past it’s useful life, or creating a cheaper or more accessible version of a known product. The real champions of this are the regular bicycle commuters and cycle tourers. Why replace something when you can just fix it up with a bit of tape…maybe some string…old spoke…

Here are a few of the ‘hack’s we have encountered.

The aptly named ‘Da Bin’, Kev’s knock-off of ‘Da Brim’ using the lid of a bin. He was happy with it’s performance on our recent touring trip to Fanning River.

Da Bin or Da Brim

Da Bin or Da Brim

Tatsuro‘s Ortlieb buckle had broken so we used double-sided velcro to create a new connector…

IMG_4705                        IMG_4708

Matteo’s aluminium racks weren’t quite up to the touring journey (there’s a whole post coming about this soon). We used some steel rod and hose clamps to hold the broken racks together and (hopefully) get Matteo to the end of his long Australian journey…IMG_1071

Cable tie replacing the screw on an Ortlieb pannier

Cable tie replacing the screw on an Ortlieb pannier

We wrote about our Ortlieb pannier ‘hack’ in the last post, using cable ties to replace the missing screws that hold the bag onto the mounting bracket, which holds the pannier on the rack. You can read about that one in here.

What are some of the ‘hacks’ you have come up with? If you have a good one (or even a really bad one), tell us about it in the comment section below, or send a photo to us so we can include it…

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