Belt Drive Bikes..breaking free of the chains

Mark with his much-loved belt-drive bike

I’m a bike commuter. I enjoy my daily ride but the most important thing is still the need to get to and from work with as few mishaps as possible. While I’ve overcome flats with better or newer tyres (it’s worth the extra spend), I’d never been able to overcome the problems with my chain (chain jumping off, annual replacement, grease marks on my clothes, grease on my fingers from putting the chain back on, grinding through the gears)… until I moved to a belt drive bike!

I love it.

It’s a single speed (which is all you need in a flat place like Townsville) so the gears don’t click or grind. The belt never jumps off and it doesn’t need lubricating – no more greasy fingers or greasy clothes, no trip stopped by having to put the chain back on.

I’ve had the belt for over a year, and long before now I’d have needed a new chain, so it is saving me money. But the added bonus is the belt is especially responsive – the pick up and acceleration seems much more impressive than a chain drive bike, and it performs especially well on the occasional hill that I come across. If I’m sitting behind someone on a standard bike I know I’ll blow them away up they hill as they’re forced to change down while I simply power up over the hill.

I can’t speak highly enough of the belt drive… it saves me money, it saves me time on the commute, and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

I’ll never go back to a chain.

Thank you to guest blogger Mark who was raving so much about much he liked his belt drive that we asked him to write a post for our blog!

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