Tropical Touring Season and the next event


Who’s up for a short overnight cycle tour first weekend of September?

It’s perfect weather for cycle touring up here in the tropics right now, and in a last-minute bid to make the most of it before the summer heat kicks back in, we’re heading west!

First Saturday afternoon of September we’re riding 55kms out of Townsville towards Charters Towers and camping the night at a rest spot. After a fun night camping out we’ll head back into town. All except for one! Due to the Pedlar’s need to run the shop, he can’t keep going on this trip, but the Pedlar’s wife can!

After Charters Towers Mrs Pedlar’s plan is to ride up the Gregory Developmental Rd to the Atherton Tablelands, onto Port Douglas and back to Cairns where a train journey will finish off the nearly two week tour. This trip will be reminiscent of our friend Ian’s trip, in Easter last year. The cycle touring options that involve two weeks and a loop are fairly limited from Townsville, unless you fly somewhere. This trip seems like a good one because it won’t cost a lot (famous last words), and will be all the more interesting (for the rider) because it will be a solo woman’s tour!

Unfortunately for the Pedlar, he will have to wait until our upcoming Brompton Tour of Tasmania at Christmas time for an extended cycle tour. Meanwhile he gets to join in the excitement of planning another Mrs Pedlar cycle tour (to read about the last trip with Mrs Pedlar and Bec, start with this post)!

One can’t always take shop demo bikes away on holidays (a pity as the Vivente was a wonderful touring companion), so the ‘pub bike’ is being made ready. Both of our pub bikes have been pieced together over the years from a bunch of different parts and luckily they currently sport Tubus rear racks, Surly front forks, mudguards and 26″ wheels. Despite the many and varied parts, or maybe because of them, these bikes have had the Pedlar’s magic touch and ride beautifully. This will be the perfect test for an old favourite!

So, if you’re interested in a one night cycle touring trip that is 55kms each way, come in and see us for details. You bring everything you think you’re going to want, ride at whatever pace you like, cook whatever food you want to eat, and generally just have fun!

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