Day 4 – Bluewater Springs Roadhouse to Greenvale to The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse

Bluewater Springs Roadhouse

Yesterday’s restful afternoon must have done something to my head, because I woke up excited about putting in some big kilometres. Why not ride the 90 odd kilometres to Greenvale, have lunch, then carry on the The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse, another 55km further? The following day I could then ride 130km onto the Undara Lava Tubes, where I would be able to have a rest day. There was always an out at Greenvale if I wanted to stop overnight rather than continue on.

The morning began slowly despite my attempts at packing up efficiently. I cooked oats for breakfast and made an Airspresso coffee, nice but fussy to do and it slowed me down even more.

cycle touring cooking
When I finally wheeled my bike out of the campground at 7.30am, I realised my front tyre was flat. This was probably something I should have checked before loading up my bike!

It took me half an hour to change the tube (which was a Maxxis Super-thin! What were we thinking! Who knows how long that tube has been in there, but we use Schwalbe tubes now for a reason.). It was 8 o’clock by the time I actually got going.
It was a beautiful morning. There was a tailwind, the road was pretty much flat, and the countryside was beautiful. I rode, I sang out loud, I talked to myself and generally felt pretty good.

By the time I reached Greenvale at about 1pm, I was ready for a good rest and some lunch. The hotel had wonderful shady, green lawns and gardens and after I ordered an egg and cheese burger and chips and downed a coke, I relaxed out in the gardens.

Entrance to Greenvale…it has a cattle grid!

Greenvale would be a great place to stop for the night with it’s free camp area, great pub and friendly locals. Unfortunately I didn’t hang onto that thought for long enough, and at 2.30pm I was riding out of there set on The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse, 55km away. How hard can 55km be?

The nice woman at the visitor’s centre had warned me there was a rise up to The Lynd, and she was right. Combined with a cross/head/gusty wind, it made for slow going. Of course my tired legs were starting to struggle too, and my brilliant idea of doing 150km today was not feeling so crash hot.

I had to ride 2km down The Lynd to get to the roadhouse. It was 5pm by the time I got there. By the time I set up the tent and got organised, I was so tired I just cooked a bowl of rice and went to bed. All I had to do tomorrow was ride another 130km to get to Undara and I could have a rest day!

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