Days 5 & 6 – The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse to Undara Lodge…and a rest day!

All I could think about as I set off around 7.30am from The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse was how good a rest day would be. Before this trip started, I had just been doing my normal bicycle commuting that comes with not having a car. This meant I was not having any issues with saddle comfort, but my legs were suffering from the sudden increase in daily distance.
The road itself was fantastic. Traffic was regular, but infrequent and I continued to stop for the few road trains that went past rather than risk getting blown off the road. The headwind/crosswind continued, which led to rather slow progress.

Definitely a headwind. iI have proof!

Thankfully, once I turned left onto Savannah Way to head towards Undara, the road was generally descending. It was 17km along The Lynd, then another left turn to take me the final 16km to Undara Lodge. The first 17km even provided me with a gusty tailwind as I rode east. Once I turned south down the road to the lodge however, the wind seemed to be against me again (or was that just my legs?).

I was so tired and desperate by this stage I had to keep stopping every few kilometres for a rest…I mean a photo. I thought I would never get there.

The unpowered campsite cost $15 a night for one person and I had a small patch of shade on the hard gravel to pitch my tent. My efforts at pounding in pegs with a rock must have been pitiful because a man came and offered me his hammer. His wife came past soon after and offered me a cup of tea and cake and biscuits. Every cycle tourist’s dream!

Karen and Doug and I ate at the Undara Lodge restaurant that night after they invited me to their campervan for ‘happy hour’. We sat round the campfire and listened to the ‘Snakes at Undara’ talk given by a guide, then I collapsed into bed.

The Undara Lodge was definitely worth the stay. The staff were friendly and helpful, the amenities were clean (sounding like a grey nomad forum now) and the place was peaceful. There were some tours to look at the lava tubes that sounded great, and a few hikes around the place. All I did was a short walk up to a lookout with Karen and Doug.

Of course the Da Brim helmet brim came for the journey because I didn’t bring any other hat. It worked great…!

After a cheese, crackers and wine feast with my new friends that afternoon, I cooked some pasta for dinner (onion, carrot and chilli flakes can make most things taste great!) and went to bed still not sure I was ready for tomorrow.
Thank you Karen and Doug!

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