Day 7 – Undara Lodge to Mount Garnet

There was a fair bit of procrastination this morning. As much as I tried to convince myself that I felt good and was raring to go, my legs still felt tired and I was not looking forward to the wind which had continued to blow over the last couple of days. 

The first 30kms getting back out onto the Kennedy Highway involved dealing with a lovely headwind. I’m not sure how that worked because I changed direction during that distance, but the headwind and slow rises continued. There was no singing this morning, just pedalling and a mental refrain that worked on telling myself I do actually like doing this!

Once I turned on the Kennedy Highway the wind seemed to improve slightly and I stopped at two rest stops in quick succession. A basic toilet and shelter stop at the junction of Savannah Way and the Kenmedy Highway was the first, and Forty Mile Rest Area was the second. I even did the 300m walk through the dry rainforest for fun. It is only a day camping area, but I reckon a tired cyclist would be well justified to pitch a tent late in the day. Now if I had known this was here the other day…

Forty Mile

The hills increased, and to my delight, I found that I was enjoying them! Compared to a headwind, hills are wonderful! At least they come to an end and you get the downhill run!

I played games without the trucks doing line marking for a few kilometres…

Friendly line markers behind me. I beat that truck up the hill!

…and stopped a lot. Obviously I was still tired. 

At one stop I decided to risk the snakes for a pee and went stomping into the bushes (to scare the snakes of course). Just as I was preparing to begin the process a bee flew up my sleeve and I jumped around letting loose with a few expletives. The bee stung but then managed to get out while I was still trying to undo the wrist button so I could get the shirt off. Thankfully the stinging stopped almost as soon as it started. The itching didn’t start until much later.I was banking on Mount Garnet being an actual town with water and food because Undara didn’t have any real food (except in the restaurant) and I was getting low on supplies. As I rolled into town the Main Street seemed to go straight up…and up…

The hills they were a startin’

Partway up the ‘up’ was a grocery store/cafe, just what I was looking for! While eating a sandwich I realised I had phone reception again and saw on Wikicamps that you could camp at the BP roadhouse, which I had passed at the bottom of the ‘up’. I rolled down there to discover that camping out the back was free if you purchased something in the store. They make pizzas along with other hot food and sell fruit and veg and general grocery supplies. I was impressed that their prices were lower than the Friendly Grocer store I had just visited up the road.

My campsite out the back was delightful with bottlebrushes, grassy areas and lots of birds. The toilets and shower were really clean and I was really impressed. There are longer any powered sites and the water had to come from the toilet block, but it was cheap ($8 if you didn’t purchase from the store).

I cooked up a pasta and vegetable feast and went to bed as soon as it was dark. Tomorrow there might be coffee!

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