New Norfolk to Hobart

Naomi packed up and left early the next morning, keen to get her 95kms done for the day. We were waiting for more friends from Hobart, who had decided to ride to New Norfolk and meet us at 9.30am. 

This route is popular with cyclists and a few groups went past before the aptly named ‘Hobart Hard Core’ (HHC) group showed up, complete with team kit and fancy road bikes. We didn’t get a photo because before we knew it we were off and flying! 

Riding in a group is always great fun because you get to draft off the others. Combine that with a tailwind and a gradual descent and the Bromptons were flying along at 35km/hour! THIS WAS FANTASTIC!

The Bicycle Pedlar does Bromptons

The Bicycle Pedlar’s skills came in handy when someone got a puncture – needless to say they weren’t using Schwalbe Marathons!


The 45km ride ended with coffee at the Henry Jones Art Hotel, an old favourite post-ride haunt and now a regular HHC coffee stop.

All that remained after that was a handful of kilometres to the home of friends Steve and Liza, who live in our old suburb of Moonah and kindly agreed to put up with us while we were in Hobart. It was a good way to end the year!

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