Salsa Powderkeg  with new handlebars and Brooks leather saddles. The new wheels hadn’t been built yet, so we gave the supplied 32-spoke wheels a burl.

It’s only three weeks until we move into our new shop premises! Sunday 11 June is going to be a busy day for us as we shift as much as we can the 170 metres down the road to 251 A Charters Towers Rd, Mysterton into a bigger and better location ready to open the doors on Monday 12 June! Click here to see where our new shop is on a map.

The Bicycle Pedlar - 251 A Charters Towers Rd, Mysterton 4812

First signs of our move!

In between all this moving, Mick is trying to squeeze in time to work on the new Salsa Powderkeg tandem, which so far has only had a couple of test rides. ‘Working on the tandem’ means changing the wheels, fitting racks, changing the handlebars and all sorts of other adjustments to make this bike just the way we want.

The Bicycle Pedlar - Townsville

We made it up to the top of the Flow track at Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve, but we didn’t take on the timber berm!

Last week Mick worked on building new wheels for the tandem. We think it’s a bit odd, but Salsa used 32-spoke wheels on the Powderkeg. That might be okay for single bikes, but our touring tandem has to not only carry two people, but also kilograms of extra gear and water on rough and bumpy roads. We know from experience that 32-spoke wheels are just not strong enough to cope with this extra pressure and are curious to find out how they go when people ride the Powderkeg in mountain biking conditions, which it is supposedly designed for. We would have liked 40-spoke wheels, but they are very hard to come by so we opted for a pair of 36-spoke Blunt 35 rims made by Velocity Wheels.

We had to have dynamo lights of course and this was one of the first considerations when considering the new wheels. We were able to get a SON 28 dynamo hub for the front wheel, which will power our headlight and taillight, as well as charge any devices we connect via the USB port on the AXA Luxx70 Plus headlight. Mick built a DT Swiss hub into the rear wheel. The supplied Shimano hub with 142mm thru-axle gets plenty of negative press, so we went with a hub we knew would do the job and changed the alternator rear dropouts to a 135mm quick release axle.

In five weeks, on Sunday 2 July, we are planning to do a 210km ‘Audax-style’ ride, which will involve 70kms of dirt road. The Salsa Powderkeg is supposed to have it’s first proper initiation on that ride, so we have a bit of work to do yet!

If you’re interested in being part of our 210km ride on Sunday 2 July, 2017, which is totally unofficial, totally unsupported, and all about enjoying the ride, come in and have a chat or send us a message!





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