New beginnings for The Bicycle Pedlar

Today apparently marks the day Karl Drais took his first official ride on his great new invention, which was a version of what we now know as the bicycle.laufmaschine-662x0_q70_crop-scale

It also marks the day we opened the door on our new shop premises! We are incredibly grateful to our friend Vic, who slaved away with us most of the weekend shifting gear from one location to the other. Sam popped in to help and Rob arrived right on time to help with some electrics!

The Bicycle Pedlar - 251a Charters Towers Rd, Mysterton

New location: 251a Charters Towers Rd, Mysterton QLD

We haven’t quite finished getting everything organised (particularly all that back room junk…I mean…valuable items that end up accumulating over years of bicycle passion), but, as we settle into the new digs, all this will work itself out.

The Bicycle Pedlar - bike shop Townsville

So, thank you Karl Drais for inventing the bicycle! We love that we get to ride bikes, work with bikes and talk about bikes all day long to cycle tourers and bicycle commuters, people who take their kids for joy rides and others who ride to the shop. Bikes are a useful and highly practical tool for transport, cargo and recreation that is cheap to run and genuinely good for people!

Finally, thank you to all our customers who allow us to earn our living doing something we love! Hopefully we’ll see you all here sometime soon!

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