Winter Rides and Hervey Range

It’s winter in Townsville and that means perfect weather for cycling! It was quite chilly yesterday morning when we all met up at 7.30am to ride 40km to Hervey Range and up to the Heritage Tea Rooms for breakfast.

The Bicycle Pedlar - Cycle Touring

There’s something very relaxing about this sort of riding. Without the pressure of maintaining any particular speed or sticking with the bunch, we find the stress melts away. The sights and smells bring the sort of pure enjoyment you miss when you’re just racing or in a car (maybe except for the odour of roadkill…).

Cycle Touring

Sometimes you find special objects on the roadside…


The climb is always good in a tough, sweaty and puffing kind of way. It’s only about 3kms to get up the range, so even if you have to stop, it doesn’t take too long to complete…

Cycle Touring

Beginning the climb up Hervey Range – it still feels easy at this point!

A good breakfast is always a good motivator to get somewhere and the Tea Rooms provide just that. The long queue provided extra anticipatory time, so we really enjoyed our bacon and eggs…as brunch…

Cycle Touring - The Bicycle Pedlar

Bike parking at the Heritage Tea Rooms

We got to give the Salsa Powderkeg tandem a longer workout to make sure everything was working before our big 210km ride next Sunday, and Charmaine got to test out her brand new Vivente Anatolia! After the 80kms on what she felt like ‘a lounge chair’, Charmaine was ready to keep going!Vivente Anatolia DTT - cycle touring Townsville

Later in the afternoon we finished off a great day with a trip to the pub, where all good Vivente bikes meet…

Vivente Anatolia - cycle touring Townsville

Next weekend we’re off to do Townsville’s ‘Style Over Speed‘ ride on Saturday afternoon. See you there!


One response to “Winter Rides and Hervey Range

  1. Looks like fun. Isa and I are chilling out at Richmond on our way to the Big Bash, it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it.


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