Mini Cycle Tour – Hervey Range and Heritage Tea Rooms!

Hervey Range lookout

Hervey Range Mini Cycle Tour – cycle tourers and aspiring cycle tourers welcome!

Saturday 12 August – Sunday 13 August

Destination: Hervey Range & Heritage Tea Rooms

Free, unsupported and unofficial – just fun!

Our first mini cycle tour is only a week and a half away! On Saturday 12 August, we are going to ride up the Hervey Range to the Heritage Tea Rooms for the night to give our touring gear an air-out and just enjoy  being outdoors! There are no limit on numbers but we need to know if you’re coming by this Saturday 5 August so we can let the Tea Rooms know.

It’s only 40kms to the Tea Rooms from the shop, and the ‘range’ part is only for the last 3-4kms, an easy enough distance to walk if you get knackered and really need to.

The Tea Rooms have very kindly granted us permission to camp on their property for the night with the use of a toilet (luxury!). For the price of a cooked breakfast and coffee the next morning we get a beautiful piece of grass on which to pitch our tents and a bushy outlook on which to cast our eyes.

Townsville is one of those places where you have to ride long distances if you want to get anywhere, so our weekends away always seem to consist of three days of over 300km and through some pretty remote areas, where carrying water is important and there are limited or no shops.

Understandably, people new to cycle touring can find this quite daunting…or downright unappealing. It’s not until you’ve had a go at this sort of travelling and camping that you realise how wonderful it feels to be in the middle of nowhere with everything you need on your bike…The Bicycle Pedlar - Townsville

The Hervey Range Mini Cycle Tour is for people new to cycle touring as well as experienced cycle tourers ready to head out for a fun night with their cycle touring gear. We won’t be leaving until after the shop closes at 2pm on Saturday 12 August, but some people have said they are leaving earlier to make sure they get to the Tea Rooms during daylight hours. It’s up to you what you do, and that’s the joy of cycle touring! Ride at your own pace, do what you need to in order to feel comfortable and happy!

The Heritage Tea Rooms close at 4pm, so you need to bring your own dinner for Saturday night. We will be taking our The Bicycle Pedlar - Townsvillefavourite old Trangia cookset (as usual) and cooking our meal, but some people like to prepare a cold meal in advance. Breakfast the next morning is easy, the Tea Rooms open at 9am and we will have a table reserved and ready for the hungry hordes to buy up! Once breakfast is over, we will make our way back to Townsville, refreshed and excited about the next cycle touring trip!

If you want to come along please let us know. If you would like to come along but have some questions or concerns, come in and see us. Be quick though because there are only a few days to go!

We can be contacted via email at, via phone 07 4401 7002 or just come and see us here at The Bicycle Pedlar.


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