Palm Creek on a tandem

Our friends Paul and Sarah took their tandem out past Woodstock to the Palm Creek campground recently for an overnight touring adventure as practise for their upcoming tour of New Zealand. They provided us with these photos, which (as always) made us somewhat envious. It was a hot afternoon to head out for a ride though, and the pair said they were happy when the sun started going down during the final half of the journey.

Paul and Sarah bought their Cannondale tandem secondhand from down south somewhere, and have spent the last few months getting it set up just the way they like it.

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - Palm Creek

Along with their Brooks leather saddles, Ortlieb panniers and snazzy red handlebar tape, the tandem now has a dynamo hub built into the front wheel, which provides a good fixed lighting source, as well as a USB charging port. We had a hard time getting the correct rim with the correct number of holes that would match the rear wheel, but eventually Paul managed to get one in from the USA.

Palm Creek campground is close to Giru, but is much quieter with no sugar mill or train line to keep you awake all night like on the last trip!

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - Palm Creek

Short and sweet with a good dose of kilometres on a loaded tandem…another great overnight ‘mini cycle tour’. Thanks for the photos…where to next?




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