Out the back of Hervey’s…

It poured all day Saturday, then cleared beautifully for a clear (and humid) ride out of town, up Hervey Range and beyond. We only had the day, but wanted to get 140km done as a bit of ‘cram’ preparation before I head off to complete the long-awaited trip from Townsville to Mount Isa. This is a common route for cycle tourists heading around Australia, or flying in or out of Asia to Darwin, and the itch to experience this same route needed scratching.

Mick and I each rode our Vivente touring bikes, quite a change to our normal tandem riding. We absolutely love our Viventes, but there is something about being together on the tandem that we prefer when on the same ride. Mick has a Vivente Deccan with road handlebars and Jen rides a Vivente Gibb with trekking bars and a Rohloff hub with Gates belt drive….luxury! We have switched to using flat pedals for the time being too, testing out the theory that cycle touring using regular shoes is a very practical option. We have always worn touring shoes that look similar to sneakers, but clip-in. They do work well, but we are working on being more and more practical and multipurpose as we go along.

The turn-off to Dotswood Road is about 72km from town, depending where you live. We started at the shop at 5am and met up with Dennis, also keen for some long miles.

The Bicycle Pedlar - Townsville

Reflective gear galore…

The view from Hervey Range Lookout was wonderfully clear, unlike my photography…

The Bicycle Pedlar - Hervey Range Lookout
We had left early enough to avoid nearly all the traffic and had the rain-washed roads all to ourselves…The Bicycle Pedlar - Hervey Range Road

The turn-off to Dotswood Road was at around the 72km mark. From here it would all be downhill…except for those undulations…The Bicycle Pedlar - Dotswood Road turnoff

Not long after we turned around we met Jane and Greg, who had set off from the Tea Rooms for a shorter ride, then Rob and Charmaine who were starting to wonder if they had missed us somewhere along the way.The Bicycle Pedlar - Hervey Range

After a good breakfast, it was time to roll home with the threat of a storm on our tail to spur us on…

One more weekend of preparation, then it will be on for Mingela and Mount Isa!

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