Fountain Springs Rest Area to Mount Isa

There was no need to rush this morning with only 60kms to go until Mount Isa and the end of the cycle touring part of this trip. I woke at 6am and casually packed up, most campers still asleep, knowing their car would take them speedily where they wanted to go. By 7.30am I was on the road, enjoying the slightly cooler morning air.The Bicycle Pedlar - Cloncurry to Mount Isa

Traffic increased, always a sign one is closer to town, but the road was good and there were no problems. At the 30km mark I spied a familiar sign…The Bicycle Pedlar - Mount Isa cycling route

Reaching Mount Isa, I paid a visit to the Visitor’s Centre (of course!) and had a huge coffee in air conditioned comfort. The lookout was not far, so I decided to check it out while waiting for check-in time at the motel. Staff at the visitor’s centre told me you could drive all the way up. They didn’t tell me about how steep it was (much steeper than the photo looks of course, think Napoleon St, for all you Tasmanians) and so the Rohloff gears got their first true test!

Mount Isa is definitely a mining town, with the big mine seemingly in the centre of town…The Bicycle Pedlar - Mount Isa Lookout

The Bicycle Pedlar - Mount Isa Lookout

That night, after a $10.95 rump steak at the Overlander, I was sleeping indoors, a luxury before settling into work for three days. When I reached the motel, I noticed my newish shoes had suffered the same faded fate as my long sleeved blue cotton shirt. Imagine if that was my skin…!.The Bicycle Pedlar - sun damage cycle touring

Officially my trip will end with a 20 hour train journey from Mount Isa to Townsville, leaving on Thursday, but for now…work calls!

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