Townsville to Ravenswood – Day 1

It’s day 7 of our trip and we have internet for the first time since we left Ravenswood, giving us the opportunity to update the blog and check out the footy scores (we can hear our friends laughing now). To make it easier to read, I will publish each day in a separate post and apologise for the multiple posts that will come through all at the same time.

We have been planning to go on this six week cycle touring trip all year. Our rough plan is to head southwestish, aiming for Cameron Corner, where three of Australia’s states meet. There is not much there, but it gives us a destination to aim for. Along the way we will get to visit many little towns that we have only recently noted on the map, and get to experience outback Queensland by our favourite mode of transport. We don’t know if we will make it all the way. Road conditions might slow us down more than we think, and we might have to loop back earlier.

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring

There is not much in the way of shops where we are heading, so we have opted to take along a trailer for this journey. It will allow us to carry much more food and water than we normally take. Starting off, we had about 10kg of food supplies. There were a couple of places to get food in the first day (Calcium Roadhouse and Ravenswood hotels), but we were actually quite happy to avoid all shops for a few days despite the extra weight we had to carry.

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring

Our first day from Townsville to Ravenswood was fairly uneventful (except for the wonderful company provided by some of our friends for the first part of the ride!). We have done this trip a few times before, and were pretty keen just to get it done, ready to get to new territory. The lovely undulations between Mingela and Ravenswood made sure we were good and tired by the time we reached Top Camp, the caravan park just before you enter township of Ravenswood.

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring

A couple of solitary caravaners advised us that there was no one else there, and that the new caretaker had only just arrived that afternoon. Bob had driven from Brisbane in two days to take up this posting and knew nothing about the place. He cheerfully told us to camp anywhere, so we did!

A big wallaby hung around looking for food, and we got to watch a beautiful sunrise from our camp chairs before heading to bed early.

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