Ravenswood to Burdekin Dam – Day 2

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring

After a slowish start on a cold morning, with two hot cuppas and some oats for breakfast, we headed off into new bicycle territory for us. The sign declared it was only 80km to the Burdekin Dam, and we were feeling good!

The Bicycle Pedlar

There were some nice undulations along the way, but these didn’t really worry us early on. We only had 80km to ride after all.

Towards the end of the ride, we started to feel a bit knackered and keen to reach the caravan park. It was about this point we saw a sign that indicated the hill ahead of us had a 12% gradient. There was still about 5km to go and this dam caravan park was not looking any closer!The Bicycle Pedlar

At the top of the 12% gradient was a great view of the dam…and the caravan park perched on the hill on the other side. It was about level with where we were standing, and the road between us and the caravan park..well, let’s just say it is not flat!

The Bicycle Pedlar - Cycle touring

Great gradients lead to great views – looking back

The final great sign before we reached the caravan park advised us that there was a 2km climb ahead with a 12% gradient. Fortunately we made it (very slowly) up the hill to the lovely caravan park, a hot shower, cup of tea and damper.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring

If you get to visit the Burdekin Dam, we would recommend it. The setting was peaceful and green, with wonderfully clean amenities and birdlife galore and it only cost $10 for our unpowered site. You just have to do a few harsh climbs to get there!

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