Blackall to Tambo – Day 13

Here we go again, another run of blog posts separated into days to hopefully make it easier to read!

After a rest day, we were keen to get going the next day…well sort of keen. We stopped in at the Masonic Lodge (Lodge on Hawthorn) again for a coffee, visited the bakery for a loaf of fresh white bread, and eventually made our way onto the Landsborough Highway for the 100kmish to Tambo.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Blackall

Traffic was good, very light and courteous. Apart from the one caravanner who lacked spatial awareness, we had no troubles.

Our only trouble was the VERY strong crosswind that was trying to blow our helmets off our heads and knocking us over into the roadway periodically. We were very grateful this was not a headwind, but it was quite hard work all the same.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Blackall to Tambo

After 28kms of this, our road must have changed direction just enough to turn the crosswind into more of a tailwind and from then on, we were laughing! As we zoomed along at anywhere between 30 and 50kms an hour (depending on the undulation), we happily pedalled with our fresh legs on to Tambo.

Until lunchtime. The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Blackall to Tambo

Conveniently, our double puncture happened around 12.30pm and we were ready for a stop and sandwiches made from our fresh loaf anyway. Inconveniently, there was no protection from the raging wind anywhere close by! We spent the next hour and a bit fixing the punctures and trying to eat sandwiches before the wind turned our fresh white bread into crusty toast. Mick decided that three spare tubes might not actually be enough…

Fortunately the brilliant tailwind maintained it’s high quality status until almost the end of the day, when it became a crosswind again. We reached Tambo at about 3pm, in good spirits, but ready for a wind break.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Blackall to Tambo

Tambo is the home of the famous ‘Tambo Teddies’, originally a cottage industry started 20ish years ago. They now have waitlists for their handmade teddies and were the makers of the teddies given to a couple of recent royal babies. We stopped in there for a look and had a chat with Wendy and Vera who were working that day.

They talked about the bicycle training that was happening in town for the ‘Tour de Tambo’, coming up in a couple of weeks. It was started up a few years ago to raise money for the RFDS and bring people out to the bush for a fun weekend.

Wendy highly recommended Ben’s Chicken Racing at the Royal Carrangarra Hotel up the road, so we made our way up there, unsure what to expect.

The pub was buzzing with locals and visitors in good old country pub fashion. Ben auctioned off the chickens before the race, the idea being that half the money goes to the winner, and half to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Tambo

It was a hilarious event, with great participation from both the audience and the chickens. We posted a video of it on instagram, if you want to take a look

Dinner was a delicious campfire stew, and, along with some exclusive ‘Bawk Bawk Bitter’ beers (brewed by Ben’s mate in Brisbane and sold at happy hour prices if you managed to sound like a chicken when you ordered one), we collapsed into our tent weary but still laughing.

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